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From the time you first eat something, that you know is not going to agree with your stomach, to the times when you have the flu and you have constant diarrhea, your turning to honey for relief will provide you with just what you need to settle your stomach down.

Diarrhea is also known to strike when you are on vacation or when you are traveling so it is a good idea to make sure you take the honey with you! If your child has the diarrhea and they are over a year old, you can give them a tablespoon of honey or add honey to their drink. This will help to settle their stomach and provide relief from this dehydrating problem. Honey added to barley water is another ‘trick’ that is know to provide fast and effective relief for the diarrhea. You can mix honey with your tea or with your coffee to keep your digestive tact on track.

If you have an ongoing stomach problem, unable to digest certain foods, or if you swing from one extreme to the other from constipation to diarrhea you can use honey to settle your stomach and to keep your body in tune. Take a teaspoon of honey in the morning and then again at night to keep your digestive tract in top order. An easy way to take honey when you are having stomach pain is to mix it in with a half-cup or a cup of warm water. The warmed honey and water travels and coats your stomach fast bringing you the relief you need.

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