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Honey is a food

Honey is a food

Honey is a thick liquid that can be used as a food itself, or in the making of other varieties of foods. Honey  includes the ingredients of fructose and glucose that is needed for life continuance in many forms of living beings. 

Honey is often used as an ingredient for foods in the very young and for the elderly because honey is a food that is easily digested, but also because it includes so many minerals and nutrients that the body needs.


Why is Honey Used?

Our bodies need energy; honey is used as an energy source for many reasons and situations. Honey is used for those who have digestive diseases or problems so that their bodies can easily digest the honey and the energy is then put ‘into’ that body. The frail and sickly are often given honey as a measure to improve their energy levels and their intake of needed vitamins and minerals. 

Along this same line of how energy is digested and used for the body, those who are under high amounts of stress or activity often rely on honey and the properties of honey to replenish their bodies fast, so they can continue. This is often the situation with athletes, soldiers, and those in similar professions or situations. Returning to nature and more natural foods, honey is one of the best resources of food containing many life sustaining needed ingredients. 

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