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Honey sweet quickies

Honey sweet quickies

Make a peanut butter and honey sandwich great tasting and nutritious at the same time! 

Put peanut butter over celery and dip your celery in honey, this is a crispy treat even the kids will love. You can also use apples or carrots for this great treat as well.

Using butter crackers, dip them in honey and enjoy a favorite treat that is so much better than jelly.

Pour honey in a glass bowl or cup and warm in the microwave. This is a sure fire way to sweeten pancakes or waffles in no time at all. 

If you like grapefruit and sugar, you will just love a tablespoon of honey over your grapefruit the next time you want this tasty fruit. 

Cold cereal or warm oatmeal with a bit of honey drizzled over the top makes mornings better.

Toast, muffins, and even bagels taste great with a touch of butter and honey smeared over as a topping. 

Heat a cup of milk, stir in two tablespoons of honey, and then add a quarter cup of oatmeal. This is the perfect energy drink first thing in the morning or just about anytime; you need a good energy drink!

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