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Honey weights

Honey weights

When shopping for honey, you might want to keep in mind that what honey is sold by the ounce, it is being sold by the weight in ounces, not a fluid ounce. So, if you have a recipe that is calling for a certain number of fluid ounces of honey you are going to have to be sure you know what the weight of honey is compared to the fluid ounce. 

If the weight of the jar of honey is eight ounces, you will have about a cup of honey to work with. If you have eight ounces of honey, you have about five fluid ounces of honey to use in your recipe. 

In another relation to how the ounces weighs, and what a fluid ounce is, think about a twelve-ounce can of soda, this is measuring twelve fluid ounces; it does not weigh twelve ounces.

If your honey recipe is calling for two cups of honey, you need to purchase a bottle of honey that is twenty-four ounces in weight, which is sixteen fluid ounces (as in liquid weight). 

The amount of honey that you use in your recipes will vary because honey is such a sweetener, be sure to measure your honey when using it in any cooking recipe for the best results. 

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