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Less known uses of honey

Less known uses of honey

While many of us realize that there are many uses of honey in cooking or as a nutrient for sustaining life, honey does have various uses that may surprise you, and make you realize just how valuable honey really is for so much more! 

No one has ever been able to detail why honey is such a precious food, tool, ingredient, and healer but as we continue to explore the many known uses of honey, you will find the benefits of honey very priceless for your own use. Here is a brief listing of some of the life giving benefits of honey. 

Honey has a calming power when added to drinks such as tea or coffee, calming your body while nourishing at the same time. Honey in a drink sweetens liquids while helping your body feel completely fulfilled at the same time. Just a teaspoon or two, depending on your sweet needs is what should be added.

For the child who is always on the go, a cup of warm milk with a teaspoon of honey is calming and somewhat relaxing so that a child could sleep easier. Remember honey is a product for those who are over a year old only.

No matter what age you are, honey can be beneficial to your body as more than a sweetener as it will add minerals, vitamins and nutrients that you could be lacking from other sources in your diet. 

If you were out camping, honey could be put over a wound as an antiseptic because it is such a pure liquid. Pouring honey over a wound would prevent dirt and such from getting in a wound until you can have it treated properly. 

Honey will balance your body and help you retain more calcium. If you are calcium conscience, using honey in your diet will help your body retain more calcium that you might have without the use of honey. 

Adding honey to a warm liquid is going to cleanse your body if you are constipated, acting as a very mild laxative as your body absorbs what it requires from the honey to be more balanced.

Athletes use honey in their drinks either before or after an important event because honey does contain so many nutrients and minerals that the body needs during extreme conditions. Honey is considered a source of energy and power because it gives the body back what it uses during these extreme exercises and conditions replacing energy. 

With a calming effect, honey in warmed tea will relax an adult after a stressful day helping you sleep easier and sleep more soundly. 

Because honey is a very easily digested food, which does not increase body fat, but it helps your body get rid of toxins and other hard to digest ‘things’, honey is a weight loss aid, helping your digestive system move along those more difficult foods. 

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