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How much honey?

How much honey?

If you are new to using honey in your every day meals, on those special treats or if it has been a while since you have used honey in baking or cooking, you will need to know how much honey to use in place of sugar. Any recipe that uses sugar can be adapted to use honey in the mixture, bearing a few things in mind. 

Sometimes you may find that because honey is a liquid you will have to add a little extra flour or powdered ingredients, but the taste of honey will make it all worthwhile in the end. If you donít want to have to add extra flour in a recipe, you can decrease other liquids like water or butter and you will have the same great results, texture but with a better nutritious taste!

When you are using honey in a recipe where you are substituting, for each cup of honey you will need to decrease the liquids that you are using in the recipe by ľ cup. Therefore, if you are only using Ĺ cup of honey, you only need to leave out 1/8 cup of water or oil that the recipe calls for to get that same crisp cookie, or that fluffy cake, or that glaze on the chicken that you love so much!

When you are using honey in a recipe, for every one cup of honey that you are using in a recipe you will need to add a Ĺ teaspoon of baking soda if you are making something that you want to rise, like cakes, brownies, cookies or breads.

When you are cooking, baking, or grilling with honey, you should reduce the heat by 25 degrees so that you donít over brown your foods. Honey helps foods brown faster so you need less heat.

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