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Quality of honey

Quality of honey

It is important not to confuse the texture of honey with the quality. If you feel that the quality of your honey is poor, it will not be the fault of the bee, the problem will lie with whomever processed the honey or poor packaging.

In reality there are an infinite variables to the texture of honey, each flower that the bee has visited will create a different texture of honey, in addition to that the processing of the honey also affects the final texture of honey as does the amount of time the honey has been stored.

If you have been in a position to buy honey direct from a beekeeper, you will be able to enjoy honey that has come from specific flowers, your choice of hard or runny honey will be greater. Example of flowers that create texture are heather honey which will set very hard, or clover honey that will stay runny.

Large honey distributors of honey invariably elect to provide blended honey. This way their end product will remain consistent from year to year regardless of the quantity of any species of flower that has been available to the bee.

As mentioned earlier the way that the honey is extracted from the comb or sold in the comb will affect it's final texture, the main variable is how high it was heated to melt it from the honeycomb. The beehive itself if always warm inside and the honey is always a liquid, and when the honey is heated, cooled and skimmed to remove the wax, how fast the honey cools also reflects how thick the honey in the jar is.

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