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Using & storing honey

Using and storing honey

If you have never used honey in your home, in your recipes or in your daily life before you may be presently surprised at how easy it really is to use and store honey. Honey should just be stored in a jar with a lid, in the cupboard or on the counter. 

There is no need to refrigerate honey as when honey is refrigerated for long periods, it is going to turn hard and sugary. If for some reason you did put your honey in the refrigerator, and it did turn sugary, heating on a low heat in a pan will turn it back to the honey state.

Honey does not need refrigerated or pasteurized because it is naturally low in bacteria so it will not spoil. Honey does not contain any fats or cholesterol as it mainly contains carbohydrates. If you have a cholesterol problem, honey will not raise your cholesterol. 

Honey is naturally free of sulfates and sulfites, which is great if you have salt or water retaining problems. One of the great things about using honey is that it does not contain any type of wheat products or by products. If you have a wheat allergy, honey is an ingredient that you can use in your cooking and in your baking. 

Honey is found as a natural form of sugar, created by the bees from the nectar of flowers and blossoms everywhere. Honey is a naturally sweet and nutritious product that manufactures do not add anything to before selling. Manufactures simply clean the honey from the wax and then pour the honey into sterile jars for resell. Honey is a product that is one hundred percent pure sold as it is found in nature or extracted from the honeycomb.

 Honey is known to be a great food additive for young children and the elderly because it is an easily digestible food but children under one year old should never be fed honey. Because the infant has an under developed digestive system, infants can die from botulism if fed honey. As the body begins to mature, the organisms that are in honey are not absorbed into the body and are passed through as with other foods.

Botulism can occur from many types of foods when given to young infants, under one year old. For all other humans, those over a year old, honey is a safe and natural product. 

If you have diabetes or any other medical conditions where your insulin or blood sugar is constantly monitored you should consult your doctor before using honey in your diet, as it is a natural and pure form of sugar.

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