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Bars in Fairfax, California – Gestalt Haus


Gestalt Haus is a German restaurant in Fairfax, California, that serves a fantastic meal and a great atmosphere. This Mac's at 19 Broadway bar is great for people who like German food, board games, and a fun atmosphere. It is also a great place to play cards.


Bicycling enthusiasts can find a unique place to have lunch in Fairfax, California, at the Gestalt Haus, a biker-friendly cafe. With indoor bike racks and a wall of books, the Gestalt Haus is the ideal place to refuel after a long ride. The atmosphere is casual and welcoming, and the food is excellent.

This hippie neighborhood is also home to a bike-centric cultural outpost, the Marin Museum of Bicycling. Bike-centric outposts such as Gestalt Haus are frequented by celebrities like Robin Williams, who often rides his bike to work. The bike-friendly atmosphere is also the perfect setting for après-work drinks. Biker-friendly cuisine, such as potato salad and vegetarian sausage, is available at Gestalt Haus.

The bar is located in the former Bookbeat space. It has a fun vibe and a large selection of board games. It also has a full bar and offers German beers on tap.

German food

If you are looking for authentic German food and drinks in Fairfax, California, you've come to the right place. Gestalt Haus offers a variety of food and drink options, from German food to Continental fare. It also has two Brew Pubs. The atmosphere is cozy and the food is excellent.

The German beer and food at Gestalt Haus is the real deal. This bar serves up high-quality German brews in half-liters. Its owner is quite a character, and is more than happy to chat with visitors about the bar's "goings-on". The bar is dog-friendly, and you're sure to find a comfortable seat if you bring your dog along.

The German-themed Gestalt Haus is a fun, biker-friendly pub with a fun atmosphere. The menu includes a half-liter beer and sausage combo. There's also a full bar with German beer on tap.

Board games

Board games are a great way to get a group together and socialize. Gestalt Haus is located in the former Bookbeat building, which has a great vibe and a great selection of board games. It also has two Hofbrau style tables and a full bar with German beer on tap.

Despite the name, this is not a traditional German restaurant. The food is diverse. The restaurant serves dishes from around the world. A typical meal here will cost you around $12, including tip. You can try the vegetarian sausage for $12. The locals like it there, so it's a popular choice.

Murph's Bar in Fairfax used to be the perfect place for a biker get-together. Board games, vegan sausage, and a track stand pool table are still available. The new owner added a DJ booth and installed televisions. They also removed the bike rack. The bar also has a vegan option for sausage and chips.


The owner of Gestalt Haus in Fairfax is a character. He is always happy to tell visitors about the "goings on" at his establishment. The sauna is decorated in quirky designs and there is clothing for every taste. It is also dog-friendly. Bring along your pooch to relax.

The hippie past of Fairfax bar is reflected in the colorful murals and eclectic artwork. Bike riding originated in Fairfax, and many environmentally conscious Marinites still use bikes to get around. In fact, actor Robin Williams often visits bike-centric cultural outposts like Gestalt Haus. The price of a vegetarian sausage is $12 plus a tip.

Biker-friendly and vegetarian-friendly, the Gestalt Haus is a great place for a post-ride lunch or dinner. The bikers who frequent the area will love the full-wall bike rack inside the bar. The beer selection is also impressive, and the owners are a fun group of people.

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